The law enforcement agencies struggled to handle the situation. Although in all cases the local administration and law enforcers are supposed to remain neutral, it would have been convenient for them to take a side if the 'election battle' was between the candidates of the ruling party and the opposition. When the battle is between the nominees of the ruling party and the rebel candidates, it becomes difficult for them to take sides.

How the election went is more important than who won or lost. A few more phases of elections will be held in the coming days. There is no sign that those elections will be better than this. Could the conflict have not been prevented in this local level election? Couldn't the people's suffrage be ensured? The election commission releases data on voter turnout, with which the real picture in the field level often does not match. Many have been elected unopposed in the third phase as well like the last two phases.

Even in this controversial election, the people have responded wherever they have the opportunity. In Sherpur, the AL candidate who had promised to complete the polls in five minutes, lost after eight hours of voting. Another boat candidate in Bogura had withdrawn his candidature in support of a candidate of opposition BNP.

The rebel candidate who won by a narrow margin was earlier expelled from the Awami League. In that case, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the area does not have any 'Awami League representative' now. If the election had been fair and peaceful with the participation of all parties, ruling Awami League would not have won any posts in many more places likewise.

Who will elect the people's representative? Neither the party nor the election commission elects people's representatives. But the role of the people in the union parishad elections was secondary. As the election was not competitive and fair, they could not choose their representatives independently.

The decision has been imposed on them. The recurrence of such elections, whether at the local or national level, will only make the fragile democratic system more fragile. Since the election commission was in charge of conducting this election, they must take the responsibility for this failure.

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