But after five days, the total bill of those two children was fixed at Tk 126,000. When the poor mother could not afford to pay, Golam Sarwar ordered the hospital workers to remove the oxygen tube of the two children under treatment. Within an hour, a child named Ahmed died. The other child is being treated at the Children's Ward of Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

According to Prothom Alo, Golam Sarwar used to work as a middle-man in the past. He earned a lot of money this way and launched a new hospital with his partners. He has owned six hospitals since 2000. When there were allegations of irregularities and corruption against a hospital, Golam Sarwar closed it and opened a new hospital. Amar Bangladesh is the sixth hospital he launched.

Ahmed's death is nothing but murder in the eyes of the law. Earlier, a patient died at Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital in Bogura as a part-time worker had removed oxygen mask of the patient for not giving tips as per demand. During the hearing of the case, former public prosecutor (PP) Helalur Rahman said, "If someone intentionally removes the mask of a patient in the hospital and he or she dies, it is a murder." What Golam Sarwar and his cohorts did was also nothing but murder.

This manner of luring in patients and exploiting their families must be stopped. Everyone who kills a child in the name of providing quality treatment at low cost must be brought to justice. Although the owner Golam Sarwar was arrested in connection with the death of a child in Amar Bangladesh Hospital, his partners and associates were not caught yet.

The practice of drawing in patients to the hospital through brokers is quite old. Most of the diagnostic centres and hospitals that have sprung up in almost every city, big or small, are bringing in patients from government hospitals for more profit. They are also not following the guidelines and legal obligations of the Directorate General of Health Services in running private hospitals.

In this situation, the government's surveillance on private hospitals should be increased. Isolated and sporadic steps will not be effective. All those responsible for the death of Ahmed should be given exemplary punishment. At the same time, due compensation should be given to the mother who lost her child, although we know that the loss of human life can never be compensated. Private hospital owners must stop this brutal behaviour in the name of treatment.

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