But the health services division of the health ministry has transferred 1,151 physicians who worked in various medical colleges and institutes of health technology to Covid hospital without any consultation. This has caused outrage among physicians. Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) secretary general Ehteshamul Chowdhury said those who made the transfer do not know anything about the work of physicians. Professor Iqbal Arslan, president of the pro-government Swadhinata Chikitsak Parishad, said the transfer order displayed the inefficiency and mismanagement in the health ministry.

In another notification on Tuesday night in the face of the physicians' objections, the health ministry's health services division said the order may have been flawed in some cases due to informational inaccuracies about the current workplaces of the physicians. If there is any complication in the implementation of the order due to these reasons, the transfer process of the concerned physicians will be suspended.

Their indiscretion does not end here. The list of physicians transferred by the ministry also includes the names of two dead physicians. In addition to the transfer list, they have also named the physicians who have retired long ago. "People laugh when they see this list," said one physician.

In fact, the health ministry has not only been criticised, but also laughed at. Such a chaos is going on with the transfers. The order of the health services division says that the physicians who have been transferred will draw their salaries and allowances from their original workplaces.

The administrative structure of hospitals and medical colleges is different. In that case, it was necessary to talk to the college administration before making such a transfer. This problem could have been avoided by discussing the issue with the physicians.

Inefficiency, irregularities and corruption of the health ministry are discussed everywhere. Corona infections and deaths have been on the rise for a long time. But looking at the decision of the ministry, it seems that they have woken up from an indefinite sleep. Will the ministry continue like this?

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