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It’s time to take that journey home, to return to the roots. The people of Bangladesh turn homewards whenever a festival comes around, to share the joy with near and dear ones. That bond with the village remains as strong as ever.

This strengthens social solidarity too. Eid offers a longer holiday and so people use this opportunity to leave the cities to go to their villages. Many also chose to go on vacations. We may not have been able to beckon many tourists from abroad, but our local tourism has grown considerably. People throng the attractive tourist spots at Eid -Cox’s Bazar, Kuakata and more.

It is the responsibility of all concerned to ensure the safety of these hundreds and thousands of men, women and children who set out for their villages at Eid. River and road transport and trains are increased in number. Even so, this is inadequate compared to the number of travellers. This leads to an unhealthy competition, often resulting in fatal accidents. Road conditions are poor due to the early rains this year. This is likely to increase traffic congestion. The road communications and bridges minister has assured the people that if there are no rains, there will be no traffic jams on the roads highways. But no one can guarantee that there will be no rain.

All concerned quarters must be on high alert to ensure that those going home for Eid, and then returning after the holiday, can travel in safety and comfort. During Eid, there is a laxness when it comes to managing traffic. Especially after Eid, there is the tailback when it comes to the ferry crossing. The ferries must be increased in number and the glitches in road management must be addressed. It is hoped that the passengers and all involved in the transport sector adhere to the rules. No one should take any risk while travelling by bus, roads and train. Life is more valuable than anything.

Eid brings in joy. It is about sharing and caring. Everyone must take care so this joy doesn’t turn into tragedy. Then there are certain transport owners and workers who hike up fares during this season. That is unacceptable.

As people turn homewards or are off on holiday, let their journey be happy, safe and sound.

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