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Dengue has emerged on the scene again and reports are appearing on the increasing number of dengue patients. According to the National Health Crisis Centre under the health directorate, 31 dengue patients were admitted to various hospitals in the capital on 18 June alone. The number rose to 46 the following day. There are no records of those actually affected, but not in hospital or any clinic. There is fear that many more can be affected as this is monsoon, the season of dengue. Precautions are required to prevent the fever while preparations are necessary for the proper treatment of those already affected. Dengue is harmful and also causes prolonged suffering. A patient may even die for want of timely treatment.

The aedis mosquito responsible for spreading dengue breeds in stagnant clean water in indoor areas rather than in dirty drains and sewerage water. Rainwater gathering on the rooftop or balconies along with flowerpots, buckets, coconut shells, and tyres are also possible breeding places. Since it rains from June to September, dengue is more common then. The breeding season of aedis also starts from June.

However, people can be affected throughout the year. According to the National Health Crisis Centre, 662 people were affected by dengue between January and June this year. So this should be considered as a year-round health crisis.

Prevention can be determined by observing the nature of the contagion and transmission of the disease. Breeding of mosquito can be prevented by not allowing rainwater to gather in and around the house. The house must be kept free of mosquitos and nets are to be used while sleeping. Precautions are required for children and their bodies should be well covered.

The city corporations should conduct anti-mosquito drives throughout the cities regularly. In surveys conducted by both the city corporations in Dhaka, several areas of the capital were found with higher density of mosquitoes. The density has probably risen further. Strong measures should be taken to eradicate the mosquitoes in these areas.

Swift diagnosis of dengue along with proper treatment is essential. According to the health directorate, special equipment for a fast diagnosis of dengue has been distributed among several hospitals of Dhaka. There is also a national guideline for dengue treatment. It will not be difficult to battle dengue if the people, the health directorate, along with the public and private hospitals are committed.

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