Rapes and killings must halt


It’s like the domino effect, one rape incident followed by another. And then there is killing after rape. The rapists try to kill their victim so they can escape. These crimes are brutal and merciless. Every day the media is filled with such news of rape and murder. From infants to the elderly, no one is spared.

The headlines in the newspapers over the past week indicate that such incidents are not isolated crimes. The headings of the reports read: ‘20 girl students raped in Siddhirganj: Teacher admits guilt,’ ‘Madrasa principal beaten up for attempted rape,’ ‘Teacher in Nabinagar accused of sexually abusing student,’ ‘7-yr-old raped and strangled to death in Wari,’ ‘Patuakhali madrasa principal accused of rape’ and so on. These reports appeared in the five days from 2 to 7 July.  The reports are alarming.

Many among those arrested for these crimes are teachers and religious persons. That is enough to create more public concern. If a child cannot be guaranteed security from her teacher in school or madrasa, if she is raped by her teacher, what could be more alarming for her parents? 

The authorities are arresting the criminals in many of these horrendous cases. The police have arrested a certain Haroon-ur-Rashid for the rape and murder of the child Sayma. He has admitted his guilt. In many cases the accused have to face dire consequences. Yet shockingly such crimes continue unabated. It is imperative to analyse and decipher why such a situation has evolved and gone out of control.

Beastly propensities within humans seem to have gone out of control. These incidents indicate a serious sickness in society. This needs immediate cure. The causes for such crimes must be identified. Then it will be easier to address the problem.

Strict and unerring application of the law must be ensured. The trial of such cases must in no way be delayed. A speedy tribunal can be set up to deal with these rape and killing cases to ensure the criminals are duly punished.

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