"With respect to YouTube, people continue to find all types of informational content, from educational videos to podcasts," Alphabet and Google CEI said during the company's earnings call on 27 April.

According to the company, it is also seeing strong growth in YouTube's brand business, fuelled by global consumer trend from linear TV towards streaming video.

"YouTube is offering advertisers efficient reach to large audiences which are incremental to those found on TV. Large brands are benefiting from this trend," the company informed.

The company said that YouTube advertising revenues of $6 billion in the January-March period of 2021, up 49 per cent, is driven by exceptional performance in direct response and ongoing strength in brand advertising.

YouTube recently added a new metric to its transparency reports, called the Violative View Rate, which will help it estimate what percentage of views on YouTube come from content that violates its policies.

In 4th quarter of last year, YouTube's Violative View Rate was between 16 and 18 views out of every 10,000.

"This is down over 70 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2017, in large part, thanks to our investments in machine learning," Pichai informed.

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