But all’s not grim for Bangladesh in a sense as even in defeat they are on the verge of joining a list where Test nations like Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and West Indies are already present.


The imminent defeat against West Indies is set to be Bangladesh’s 100th defeat in the format. With the loss, Bangladesh will become the ninth team to reach three-digit in the defeats column in Test cricket.

Before Bangladesh, Sri Lanka was the latest addition to the list. They suffered their 100th Test defeat in 2017 against India in Nagpur.

But it took the island nation 266 Tests to get to 100 defeats in the format. The Tigers are set to reach there in nearly half the time.

Bangladesh are playing their 134th Test in Saint Lucia. In the 133 prior matches, Bangladesh have won 16, drawn 18 and lost the remaining 99.


Bangladesh batters often become victims of the nervous nineties, taking up a lot of deliveries to reach the landmark and sometimes throwing their away wicket just inches away from a century.

But when it came to reaching to 100 Test defeats, the team showed no signs of slowing down. Since losing their 90th Test in February of 2021, Bangladesh have lost nine of their next 13 Tests and are set to complete the century with a defeat in Saint Lucia.

Out of the eight countries who have already suffered 100 Test defeats, seven have similarly reached the triple-figure mark in the victory column. Sri Lanka is the only country in the list that is yet to win 100 Tests, as they are four wins away from the milestone.

But now, Sri Lanka won’t be the least successful team in that list as Bangladesh will take their spot. Forget a century, the Tigers are unlikely to complete a half-century of Test wins in the next decade.

Just a day after Bangladesh completed 22 years in the format, the Tigers are set to ‘mark’ the milestone with their 100th Test defeat. Bangladesh is set to enter another list of ignominy in Tests and immediately occupy the top-spot of the list. Hardly a surprise, is it?

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