While making the announcement, secretary Jay Shah also stated that MS Dhoni will be the mentor of the team.

This might have impressed Dhoni's fans, but Jadeja is still unable to understand the motive behind the move.

Speaking with Sony Sports network, the cricketer-turned-commentator said, “It is impossible for me to understand. I am thinking for two days about what could be the thinking behind such a decision. I am not talking of MS Dhoni, the understanding he has or how useful he can be, I am not going towards that. It was like you sent Ravindra ahead of Ajinkya, the person thinks why it has been done.”

"I am surprised. There is no fan bigger than me of MS Dhoni. I believe MS Dhoni was the first captain who made the next captain before leaving or they used to always keep changing whenever they wanted," he added.

Jadeja further stressed that India have done well under skipper Virat Kohli and chief coach Ravi Shastri and hence, a mentor wasn't required for the upcoming World Cup.

"There is a coach who has taken the team to world No. 1 position, what happened overnight that a mentor was required? That thinking is surprising me a little," Jadeja said.

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