So, it is easily understood how much incredible performance George, who played for Liberia, a backwater even in the African football, had to showcase to convince the pundits and win the big title back in 1994.

But the tale of Geroge Weah does not finish there, rather it is a prologue of an amazing saga. Like many great sports icons he proved the power of the game and harnessed it beyond the boundary, shattering the naïve perception of ‘do not mix politics with sport.’

As a matter of fact, George Weah reached the pinnacle of politics. Often in sports when someone shows remarkable performance we use to scream ‘Tom for president, Dick for president and Harry for president,' but beneath the shriek we hardly ever believe that the person ruling the field will actually ascend to the highest position of a country to rule the roost.

But Weah exactly did it. Yes, the man who stood in the middle of the prolonged civil war, urged his countrymen to unite, is currently the president of Liberia.

Yet the story does not end here nor it is that romantic. Had it been a film script one would say it is not a maudlin but one starts to detour with incredible awkwardness.

With all his remarkable achievements George Weah failed to play World Cup let alone score a goal. However, a member of Weah family broke the duck and created history on 21 November 2022.

That is where the story becomes a bit itchy for the extreme romantics. The goal Timothy Weah, son of Geroge, scored wearing the jersey of USA. What could be a lullaby of Africa, became a loud star-spangled banner.

For romantics, the goal may be such an anti-climax that they may term Timothy, who had the chance to play for Liberia, France and USA, a ‘Buffalo Solider’ for choosing the country of Uncle Sam. But, the goal, actually speaks volume about the great history of grey-scale of life that breaks the steadfast black and white position.

Indeed, the history of oppression written in every page of human history must be loathed, but by doing that one must not start hating nations and themselves turn into the agent of hatred. After all, our fight is to eradicate all the hatred and bigotry. We must hate all the looting and aggression of US imperialism, but we must not hate that country and its people.

That may shed the shine of romanticism, but it is to be kept in mind, extreme romanticism, a driving force of urge of freedom and annihilate the inequality, may often sow the seeds of hatred.

The goal of a Weah making the people of USA euphoric might make John Lennon happy, he would sing with ecstasy:

“You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as on”