The idea of wearing lipsticks while playing and celebrating was the brainchild of midfielder Sanjida. That is why she started adorning her lips as soon as he entered the dressing room during the break. The others followed her suit.

When asked why they acted like that, a smiling Sanjida replied, “We planned last night, if we may score four goals against Bhutan in first half, we will take field in the second half wearing lipsticks.

Everyone agreed to my idea. After securing four goals, we adorned our lipsticks at the dressing room during the half time break.”

Sanjida further informed that she got the idea of celebrating a goal wearing lipstick from US footballer Alex Morgan. “I saw Morgan playing with lipsticks. I also saw Marta (Brazilian footballer).

If such stalwarts may play wearing makeups, adorning their eyebrows, we of course can do so.”

Usually Krishna Rani Sarkar is not so keen on makeups but with the insist of Sanjida she even took on lipstick. She smiled while recalling the memory, “I never wear lipstick while staying at home but when we planned about the celebration I also joined them with lipstick on my lips.”

Defender Mansura is also reluctant about lipstick but even she adorned her lips with the joy of reaching the final. “I heard the plan from Maria. I actually love putting eyeliner on my eyes. I seldom put on lipstick albeit carry them all the time. But I wanted a different celebration with euphoria unbound.”

Sabina Khatun and her comrades posed themselves as they are shooting and gave salute while celebrating their group stage win against Pakistan. Bangladesh reached final winning four consecutive matches. Beat five-time SAFF winner India for the first time and scored 20 goals in four matches so far without conceding any.

For their ultimate glory in the tournament, they are just one win away and they are desperate to clinch that against hosts Nepal on 19 September to further decorate their incredible voyage.

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