Peru shamans ‘neutralise’ Neymar in World Cup qualifier ritual

Peruvian shamans performing a ritual on Sept 11 ahead Peru's World Cup qualifier against Brazil in LimaAFP

Dressed in colorful ponchos, a group of Peruvian shamans tie up an effigy of Neymar as they seek to “neutralise” him ahead of Tuesday’s FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Brazil.

The group of traditional healers from the jungle, mountains, and coastal areas, called on “Tayta Inti” (Father Sun) to help Peru in its match against five-time World Cup winners Brazil.

“We have neutralised Neymar by tying his feet. We tied him up so that he is not in good shape, and doesn’t run and play well,” said shaman Felix Rondan.

Brazil's forward Neymar eyes the ball during a training session in Lima

The shamans blew into a conch shell as they carried out the ritual outside the national stadium, where they have erected a colorful altar with swords, amulets, flags, and photos of players from both teams.

Earlier, they took ayuahasca – the powerful hallucinogenic concoction said to open the door to the spirit world.

Shaman Walter Alarcon said the ritual was aimed at clouding Neymar’s mind so that he can not “achieve what he is looking for, which are goals.”

Alarcon predicts a tie, saying the match will be difficult.