Discussants at a seminar urged the government to focus more on curbing suicide as the propensity of committing suicide is on the rise among the youth.

The sociology department at East West University (EWU) organised the seminar titled ‘Suicide: Context and Prevention’ on Thursday at the university campus at Aftabnagar in the capital. 

Students, scholars from different universities and NGOs attended the seminar and shared their opinions regarding the prevention of suicide, reads a press release.

The chief advisor of EWU, Mohammed Farashuddin, said suicide is the second major reason of death of youth in Bangladesh.

“The government should address the issue of suicide as its rate has been increasing. Suicide is one of the major reasons of death of our youth,” he added.

Farashuddin, former governor of Bangladesh Bank, has also suggested the government to create a trust fund to work on suicide prevention. 

PKSF managing director and former senior secretary Mohammad Moinuddin Abdullah said poverty is one of the foremost reasons of suicide.

Speakers have suggested that suicide should be analysed from the broader social perspectives and must be prevented through multilayered approaches.

Bright Tomorrow Foundation’s president Shipra Zaman Joyashree, Society for Voluntary Activities executive director Zahidul Islam, and sociology department assistant professor Anisur Rahman Khan, among others, spoke at the seminar.