According to meeting sources, last time the university authorities took admission test on 120 marks. Of this, 100 marks were for objective questions and 20 marks based on SSC and HSC results. The authorities have reduced the total score to 100 this year.

Dean Mohammad Nasim Hasan also said the students will have to attend the examinations physically and the examination will be held on 100 marks.

However, the decision on how the remaining 20 marks be distributed will be taken in a following meeting of the admission test committee. The admission test committee meeting will be held after the results of HSC examination.

Last year, students were admitted against 4,926 seats in 47 departments and 6 institutes. As many as 52 students competed for each seat.

SM Salamat Ulla Bhuiyan, dean of the business administration faculty, told Prothom Alo that basically two decisions were taken in the deans’ committee meeting. These are -- in person admission test and examination on 100 marks.

Earlier Dhaka University rejected the online admission test and decided to take the test in person.