The studies of over 40 million students in the country have been disrupted as the institutions have remained shut for long.

A recent research revealed that around 19 per cent students of primary schools and 25 per cent students of high schools are in threat of deficit of learning or no learning at all. In this context, the experts have been emphasising long-term planning to get over this crisis. They also recommended opening institutions in areas where the infection rate is low or no infection at all.

According to the education ministry and primary and mass education ministry, currently there are around 40 million students from the primary school to university level. Among them, around 17.5 million students study in primary schools, over 10 million studies in high schools, around five million studies in colleges and the rest studies in universities, madrasahs and English medium schools.

Though the online education activities through Sangsad TV, online, radio and smartphones have been going on, in reality, around 69.5 per cent students could not join in the process, revealed a survey by Campaign for popular education (CAMPE), a non-government advocacy and campaign network.

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