DU proctor AKM Golam Rabbani confirmed the matter saying that the decision will come into force after being passed by the syndicate.

The expelled student is Jim Najmul of Masterda Surja Sen Hall of the university. He has been permanently expelled for eve-teasing as the allegation brought against him was proved, the proctor said.

Besides, a total of 113 students were suspended for different periods on account of using unfair means in examinations, eve-teasing, behaviour contradictory to university rules, and for taking drugs.

The proctor said that the committee handed the punishment to 113 of the university and its affiliated colleges for different periods.

Some 109 students from the affiliated colleges were suspended from two to four years for using unfair means in examinations and misconducting with teachers during discharging duties.

The other four students belonging to the DU were also suspended for violating discipline for a maximum two years.