He said the government has a role to improve the quality of education and the teachers will have to take the responsibility.

Shamsul Alam said the government is trying its best. There are 50 public universities and 108 private universities.

He said, "A dozen or a few more than that are imparting quality education. So, a revolutionary change in education is necessary."

Shamsul Alam said the government has given emphasis on the education. It has not been possible to exceed 2.6 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in the allocation of for education sector, he said adding it is the responsibility of the government to create opportunities for education to f all.

While presiding over the dialogue, Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad expressed disappointment for not enacting a law in accordance with the education policy in the last decade.

He said the observations made at the dialogue are available in the education policy, but unfortunately that is not being implemented.

While moderating the event, former adviser the caretaker government and the Campaign for Popular Education executive director Rasheda K Chowdhury suggested carrying out a survey as to how many students dropped and married off during the coronavirus pandemic.

Educationist Syed Manzoorul Islam said there are many problems in the higher education and research is neglected.

If students are not prepared properly at the primary, secondary and higher secondary levels, he said, no good thing will be yielded despite criticism at the higher education.

Manzoorul islam observed 70 per cent of students don't have language skill after admission to the university.

He said some four to six per cent of GDP have to be allocated in the education sector.

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