Jude William R Genilo, the head of ULAB's Department of Media Studies and Journalism said, “The Bangladeshi mediascape is undergoing a major transition. As more and more people get technologically connected, the digital media's importance will surpass that of print, radio and television. Journalists and communicators alike need to learn new skills and brainstorm new strategies in order to survive and thrive in this new normal. The MSJ Department's Digital Transformation Training Program would like to assist in this transition”.

Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Journalism Department, Kabil Khan, said, "Masterclasses, seminars, webinars, workshops, boot camps will be organised from the Digital Transformation Training Program where experts from home and abroad will be present as trainers and speakers."

Journalism educators, students, media professionals and citizen journalists, NGOs and development workers will be the primary target audiences of different activities of Digital Transformation Training Program.

In addition to applying the knowledge gained from here in professional life, each of the participants in this activity will have the opportunity to develop themselves as an expert, said Kabil Khan.

The ULAB’s MSJ department seeks to fulfill the three dimensions of higher education – teaching, research and extension (or outreach). The department's media and journalism hub focuses on the extension dimension, which may be defined as bringing the fruits of knowledge, research and new skills to the wider community. Extension is not for the program’s regular students; it is for disadvantaged groups in society. It is part of a university’s and program’s social responsibility, added Jude William R Genilo.

The Digital Transformation Training Program will serve primarily as an activity in the media and journalism hub of MSJ. Other activities of the hub include Dhaka Media Summit, Axis Media and Information Literacy, Creative Time Bangladesh, Communication for Development Circle and Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival. The hub will work for the development of all those involved in mass communication and journalism, in addition to students in ULAB's Department of Media Studies and Journalism, according to the press release.

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