Sunbeams School has declared its commitment to play its role as an educational institute in creating a Bangladesh that is free of gender-based violence.

Sunbeams community recently put forward a five-point demand to their school to take responsibility for ending gender based violence in Bangladesh with demands such as consent education, teacher training and zero tolerance policy against victim blaming.

600 current students and alumni representing batches from 1986 to 2026 as well as parents signed a petition which was submitted to the school, says a press release.


“As leaders and decision makers of an educational institution, we call on you to recognise your responsibility, to instil positive values in young students so they grow up to be sensitive, empathetic and responsible citizens of the country,” the statement from student and alumni bodies said.

The school administration acknowledged the priority of this issue and committed to all five demands.

Through a series of online assemblies across the different age groups, Sunbeams has declared a zero tolerance policy against all comments and actions that create a culture of victim-blaming and misogyny within the school community. The school has also committed to bringing about changes to its curriculum, the press release adds.

They will also consult with technical experts, United Nations representatives, youth organisations and NGOs to incorporate topics such as gender norms, consent, bodily autonomy, peer relationships into the education curriculum; introduce gender sensitisation training for its staff; and establish a standardised complaint mechanism for students to report instances of gender-based discrimination or harassment.

The school will start implementing these practices as early as next semester in January 2021.