Corruption in appointing univ teachers


Transparent International Bangladesh (TIB) has made some alarming revelations in its report concerning corruption in appointing teachers to public universities. According to the reports, the appointment of lecturers involves underhand financial transactions, politicisation, excessive appointments without advertising, and manipulation of the exam results.

TIB carried out its study on 13 of the 37 public universities. It was found that ministers, members of parliament, local leaders and even student leaders influenced the appointment of the teachers. In many cases, the criteria of the job were changed to match with the favoured candidates’ qualifications. But the most horrifying allegation is that bribes ranging from Tk 300,000 to Tk 2 million were paid for each of these appointments.
This is a matter of shame for the universities in particular and the nation as a whole. The persons and institutions concerned ought to be ashamed, but instead some of those involved in these dubious dealings have brazenly challenged the report. They ask why they were not questioned before the report was drawn up. TIB has sent their report to the education ministry and the vice chancellors of the relevant universities.
In keeping with its policy, TIB did not mention the names of the institutions and persons, but their identity is quite clear to those involved. The education ministry and the University Grants Commission (UGC) are also quite aware of the facts.
Prothom Alo had published a report of a department in Dhaka University appointing a teacher even without a post graduate degree. The media have published many reports on the irregularities and corruption involved in the appointment of university teachers.
Member of the TIB board and teacher at the country’s biggest university, Syed Manzoorul Islam, said that the picture presented in the report was very true. He said, “When a teacher of low merit is appointed in place of a highly qualified teacher, the university is deprived of 40 years of the best education.”
Rather than denying the report, the authorities should take immediate measures to rectify the situation and take action against the persons involved in this corrupt practices. This will protect the educational institutions and the education sector as a whole.

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