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His silent departure

Latifur Rahman's support, integrity and determination has been the mainstay of Prothom Alo's ascent to the top. Editor Matiur Rahman pays tribute to extraordinary man whose dreams will remain ...

Latifur Rahman

Another Rohingya exodus in the offing?

When the whole world is busy combating the deadly novel coronavirus and struggling for a vaccine to retain the collapsing economy, the army-controlled authoritarian regime in Myanmar has sketched out ...

This file photo taken on 21 October, 2016 shows armed Myanmar army soldiers patrolling a village in Maungdaw located in Rakhine State as security operation continue following the 9 October, 2016 attacks by armed militants.

Bring responsible ones to justice

Road, waterways—all the ways of communication have become highly unsafe for the people.

Rescue mission underway at river Buriganga on 29 June 2020.

July 1, a day to remember our hero Faraaz, and heroes who continue to inspire us

With Faraaz’s spirit in our hearts, today as we, humanity, fight the battle of COVID-19, we salute the fearless heroes of our country who continue to serve the nation.

Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain

Scaling up skills in migration

Migration through overseas employment has a remarkable impact on the national economy of Bangladesh and the socio-economic life of the country people.

Labour migration

Let’s be ‘foolishly brave’!

Let’s be determined to fight paranoia and firm to fight the uncertainty, to come out alive on the other side of this corona.

Is the foolish rat really foolish?

Ensure food, jobs for the southern districts

The three-installment series on Barishal published in Prothom Alo portrayed the harrowing tales of the locals affected by the novel coronavirus.

Damaged home in Bhola as cyclone Amphan ravages south-western districts of Bangladesh

Racialism: The changes we need

Who need to be changed? What is needed to be changed? Is change something we should attain or give up? Who should decide what degree of changes we need? And what amount of change would be justifiable ...

George Floyd's casket is seen on display during a memorial service for George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Sustainable Development Goals: Advancing Food and Nutrition Commitments

Pre-Covid-19 outbreak, Prothom Alo and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) jointly organised a roundtable titled ‘Sustainable Development Goals: Advancing Food and Nutrition Commitments’ on ...

Roundtable organised by Prothom Alo and GAIN, 20 February 2020
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