Boost immunity, don’t fret over pH level of coronavirus

Amid the new coronavirus scare are several health myths going viral on social media platforms and one of those is: Improve your pH levels as “the pH for coronavirus varies from 5.5 to 8.5”

How people with mental disorder can live longer

Tackling unhealthy lifestyle factors would provide the greatest benefit in increasing life expectancy among those with severe mental illness in these difficult times, report researchers.

What we don’t yet know about COVID-19

It has been only three months since reports first emerged from China of an unknown virus causing unusual cases of pneumonia, and scientists and public health experts already know more about it and ...

Thailand's Pattaya devastated as coronavirus hits travel

Beaches are deserted, go-go bars stand empty and cabarets have shut their doors in Thailand’s tourist haven of Pattaya, as business has ground to a standstill after worldwide travel restrictions ...

The woman behind India's first coronavirus testing kit

India has been criticised for its poor record of testing people in the battle against coronavirus. That, however, is set to change, thanks in large part to the efforts of one virologist, who ...

How life can get better as we age

Life can get better with age with mindfulness because older people have the wisdom and time to use mindfulness as a means to improve overall wellbeing, according to a new study.

NY nurses beg, borrow and steal precious masks

Amid growing shortages of vital protective equipment in New York hospitals, healthcare workers are desperately scrounging to find facemasks, hiding supplies from colleagues in other departments, and ...

Too much salt can weaken immune system

Researchers have found that eating too much salty diet weakens your immune system and makes it harder for your body to fight off bacterial infections

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