No end to exam paper leakage?


Public examination question papers continue to be leaked out before the exams, while the government authorities enshroud themselves in denial. Sunday’s Prothom Alo reported on the Higher Secondary School (HSC) math exam paper being leaked out, with students getting the sums solved en masse outside BUET on Saturday. It is not only a matter of concern, it is shameful.

When the question papers reach the exam halls a few hours before the examination, certain unscrupulous teachers and examiners open the sealed packets, take pictures of the questions on their mobile phones and upload them on the Internet. These persons are not fit to be part of the education system in any capacity. These teachers have been involved in this crime year after year and the education ministry, or the government as a whole, has failed to control them.

Then again, if the government maintains that the exam papers are not being leaked out, then the question of nabbing the teachers does not even arise. But the fact remains this serious crime continues unabated. Simply turning away from the problem does not exempt anyone from responsibility. Has the education ministry no mechanism for accountability?

It is also shameful that the parents of the examinees rush around to get the leaked questions solved in advance. This was revealed in the Prothom Alo report. They are indulging their children in unethical practice which is not just immoral, but a crime in the eyes of the law as well. How shameful indeed!

Then there are those university students who solve the leaked questions in exchange of a fee. They reason that since the questions have been leaked anyway, why not make a quick buck out of it? Their actions are condemnable too. They have no respect for ethics and are quite indifferent about the crime they are committing.

This criminal unethical practice must be halted. First of all, the question paper leakage must be stopped. It is the government’s responsibility to do so.

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