According to MSF, 76 of the rape victims were either children or teenagers. There were 15 attempts of rape in the month while the incidents of sexual harassment were 22 and incidents of physical abuse 29. Two women were attacked with acid.

A total of 69 women including 32 teenagers committed suicide in the month. Three children, 4 teenage girls and two women were abducted.

A total of 75 women and children were killed while 11 children went missing, said the report adding that the incidents took place due to family feuds, vengeance, dowry, divorce and land related disputes.

The report also mentions that incidents of extrajudicial killing, repression by the law enforcers and custodial deaths remain unabated in April.

MSF also said incidents of filing of cases under digital security act against journalists, border killing, and repression of the minority have increased while freedom of expression of the citizens has been curbed significantly in the country.

MSF prepared the report based on different media reports and their own findings, said the press release.

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