The statement signed by MM Akash, professor of economics department of Dhaka University (DU), on behalf of the eminent citizens said, “We have observed with great concern that the people of Hindu community could not celebrate their biggest religious festival, Durga Puja, without any hindrance. Attacks on various temples, vandalising the idols and attacks on houses have created an environment of fear which cannot be acceptable to any citizen of Bangladesh which achieved its independence through a liberation war.”

The whole incident of vandalising Hindu temples and attacking the houses of the Hindus in different places of the country is termed as the part of a deep conspiracy.

The eminent citizens have said that it has also been observed in the past, that there have been attempts to destroy the tradition of religious harmony by spreading rumors and conducting attacks to create anarchy for political purposes.

However, nobody has ever been punished in such cases. This lack of justice has helped to perpetuate these sorts of crime.

The statement further said it has become imperative to be aware of any conspiracy to misuse the religion.

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