Babul Akter, a former superintendent of police who is now in Feni jail on charges of killing his wife, lodged a complaint with a Chattogram court on Thursday.

He alleged that the PBI officials, as per instruction of its chief Banaj Kumar Majumder, tortured him brutally in the custody for confessing to his involvement in the murder of his wife Mitu.

Asked about the issue, minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kaman said it will be investigated whether the complaints of Babul Akter are authentic. He has trust in the PBI as it has thoroughly investigated everything so far.

“The PBI investigated a 30-year old case and found out the criminal. I think PBI will not do anything wrong. The questions raised by Babul Akter will be clear only after investigation,” he added.

He also said, “Babul Akter is very cunning. Whatever he says is up to him. I have no comment on the issue.”

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