In the wake of spike in Covid-19 infections, the religious affairs ministry on Monday issued a 10-point directive for devotees to say prayers at mosque.

The government imposed a seven-day lockdown from Monday to contain the virus infection by restricting people’s movement and daily activity.

Most of the transport services would remain halted while the office work would continue in a limited scale. However, the first day of the lockdown was passed almost in a relaxed way. Earlier, the government had issued a 18-point directive to stem spread of Covid-19.

In such a situation, the religious affairs ministry issued directives for the Muslim devotees.


10-point directive 

1. Devotees must wear musk and get their hands washed or sanitised before entering mosques.

2. Every devotee must perform ablution and say sunnat prayers at their respective houses. Before ablution, washing hands with soap for 20 seconds minimum is recommended.

3. Floor of the mosque must not be covered by carpet. Mosque management authorities must sanitise the floor before the prayer sessions. Devotees can bring prayer-mat by themselves.

4. Devotees must maintain social distancing while saying prayers in a row.

5. Children, senior citizens, sick persons and attendants of sick person must abstain from offering prayers at mosques.

6. Mosque management authorities make soap and hand sanitizer available at the ablution corner. Devotees cannot use prayer-mat and cap preserved at the mosques.

7. Safety guidelines by the health services division, local administration and law enforcement agencies must be followed.

8. No arrangement of iftar and sehri will be allowed in the mosques.

9. To get blessings of Allah during the pandemic, khatib and imam of mosque will lead special prayers.

10. Khatib, imam and mosque management committees must ensure implementation of the directives.

Local administration and law enforcement agencies are empowered to take legal actions against any violation of the directives.

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