If someone’s son or daughter leaves the house and no trace of them is found, the police should be informed.

DMP Commissioner Shafiqul Islam said, “After taking the power, the Taliban will claim that they are the most powerful state in the world as they defeated the US army. It may encourage the youth who want to engage in Jihad. It will have an impact on the entire sub-continental region. I think we should monitor the current situation very carefully at every level and be prepared to take action accordingly.”

The DMP commissioner further said that the militant activities started in the country when Russia intervened Afghanistan and the Afghan people urged the Muslim community to join the war to expel the Russians from their country.

At the time, a number of Muslims from the country went to Afghanistan. Later, after returning to the country they even dared to bring out processions in public. The rise of militancy in Bangladesh is Afghanistan-centric.

It is the Afghan returnees who created militant outfits such as Harkatul Jihad and JMB. Later they started a movement to establish Khelafat in the country. After the “series bomb attacks” in 2005, the militant activities in the country were almost brought under control.

The resurgence of militant activities came with the emergence of IS. It paved the way into the creation of neo JMB. The militant outfits in the country are mainly motivated by different international incidents.

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