The release reads that the incident of Lata Samaddar is a naked form of ongoing communalism being carried out by a section of police administration. The communalism persisting in the government and its administration is destroying the spirit of liberation war. If we don’t get rid of this situation, the future of Bangladesh is definitely dark.

A female teacher of Tejgaon College in Dhaka was allegedly harassed in broad daylight by a policeman in the capital’s Farmgate area, just for wearing a 'bindi' (or 'teep') on her forehead.

The incident took place on Saturday morning when the teacher – Lata Samaddar, a lecturer of the Theatre and Media Studies department at the Tejgaon College – was passing by the policeman at Shezan Point in the area.

“When I was walking towards the college, a middle-aged bearded man hurled abuse at me saying ‘Why are you wearing a teep?’ I turned around and found the man sitting on a motorcycle in police uniform,” she said in a complaint lodged with Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police station.

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