Buyers and sellers should have one-way movement (separate entrances and exits) at the sacrificial cattle markets. Elderly people and children are discouraged to throng the cattle markets.

Concerned authority should take necessary steps in detecting counterfeit money in the cattle markets and all have to follow the proper hygiene rules in the cattle markets.

All cattle markets should have temperature measuring instrument, adequate basin for hand washing, water and disinfectant soap for public safety.

People need to be encouraged to buy and sell sacrificial animals online as 241 digital haats across the country have been added to the platform.

Cattle Haats should not be set up in places where the movement of vehicles is disrupted. Legal action will be taken against the violators through mobile courts.

The concerned authority must ensure safe entry-exit in cattle market and social distancing.

Animals should be sacrificed at places designated by the government.The concerned authorities have to take necessary steps to remove the waste within 24 hours after the animal-sacrifice.

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