Asked about the reasons behind the fire, Minister Kamal said, “It needs an inquiry to find out whether this was a result of negligence, sabotage, or there were other motives.”

He declared that whoever is involved with the accident will be brought to book.

Nine firefighters lost their lives while conducting rescue operations at the depot.

Asked regarding the deaths and capability of the fire service, the home minister said “The current fire service is not what it was earlier. They are no longer a bell-ringing force, but a sophisticated one. Earlier, the firefighters used to appear in the scene after the fire was doused. Now, the government has increased its capacity and efforts are underway to increase this further.”

He also lauded the firemen’s bravery in extinguishing the blaze and their previous outstanding performances.

“They do not care about their lives, they do not delay for a moment after getting a call,” he added.

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