The station will be opened at 8:00am and the train carrying passengers will leave the station at 8:30am. Besides, the train operation will continue until 12:30pm.

Earlier, the train would run between 8:00am and 12:00pm.     

The DMTCL officials said the decision of opening the station half an hour before the train operation was made as per the demand of the passengers.

The DMTCL sources said they have chalked out a plan to stop the metro at one or two more new stations in the next month. However, it has not been fixed yet at which station the train will stop first. Next, the train is likely to pick up passengers from Mirpur 10.    

DMTCL director MAN Siqqidue told Prothom Alo that they don’t have any plan for the time being to extend the timeframe of metro rail operation. However, new stations will be opened. They have a plan to stop the train in all stoppages by 26 March.