Rajdhani Super Market vulnerable to fire

Fire service and civil defense logo

Fire Service and Civil Defence marked the city’s Rajdhani Super Market as vulnerable to fire.

They made this observation after assessing fire safety system of the market on Sunday afternoon.

Bazlur Rashid, deputy assistant director of fire service, told journalists that unplanned power connection has exacerbated the risk of fire in the market.

The market authorities, however, have taken some measures including constructing a 200,000 litre water tank.

Market owners association also claimed that they have taken several safety measures after taking over. More works are underway and the new measures proposed by the fire service would be enforced soon.

After a massive fire razed Banga Bazar market to ground on Tuesday, fire service on Thursday visited Gausia Market to assess its fire safety measures. They marked the building risky in terms of fire safety measures. Fire service officials said most of fire safety measures are not undertaken in the market.