The bench of justice M Enayetur Rahim and Mostafizur Rahman issued the rule today during a hearing on the writ petition filed by Samia.

Barrister Hassan SM Azim presented the petitioner's side at the court while deputy attorney general Bipul Bagmar stood for the state.

On 28 January, the DU syndicate committee demoted Samia from associated professor to assistant professor as punishment for alleged plagiarism in a research paper.

Earlier in December, 2016, an eight paged article “A New Dimension in Colonialism and Pop Culture: A Case Study of the Cultural Imperialism”, jointly authored by Samia and DU lecturer Syed Mahfuzul Haque Marzan, was published in the DU Social Science Review Journal.

Following the publication of their article in the University's Social Science Journal, Alex Martin, who introduced himself as an administrative assistant of Chicago Journal, sent a written complaint to DU in 2017 claiming that the article copied from an article titled as “The Subject and Power” authored by Michel Foucault.

Samia and Marzan was also accused of copying pages from Edward Said’s “Culture and Imperialism”.

Later, the DU authorities formed an investigation committee to look into the allegation on 27 September, 2017. The committee submitted the report in 2020 finding the accused guilty.

A tribunal was formed in October, 2020 headed by prof Md Rahmat Ullah, dean of the law department of DU and a syndicate committee member, to recommend academic punishment for the accused.

However, Samia in March this year claimed that she neither wrote nor submitted the article for which she was punished. She said Syed Mafuzul Haque Marzan, a lecturer of DU criminology department, wrote and submitted the article without her consent.

She said Marjan also gave a confessional statement in this connection.

“Indeed, the letter of Alex Martin of Chicago Journal based on which Dhaka University Syndicate formed an investigation committee and demoted me was totally false, fake and fabricated. No such letter was sent [to DU] from the Chicago Journal. I’ve been the victim of a conspiracy,” Samia said.

She claimed to have communicated with Craig Walker, the editor of Chicago Journal, through social media and learned that there is no one with the Journal by the name of Alex.

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