RAB arrested Golam Faruk and his associate Feroz Al MamunCollected

A certain Golam Faruk owned a portion of land by the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at Azampur in Uttara using forged documents.

He later he took a Tk 150 million loan by mortgaging the land to a private bank. The bank auctioned the land as the loan was not paid.

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) disclosed this at a press briefing at its media centre in Karwan Bazar on Friday afternoon.

RAB said Golam Faruk bought the land for Tk 30,000 and registered it in his name. Unscrupulous officials at the sub-registry office and the land office assisted him. The land belongs to the government roads and highways department.

RAB on Thursday arrested Golam Faruk and his associate Feroz Al Mamun in a case filed over an attempt to murder with Badda police station in the capital.

During the interrogation, Golam Faruk disclosed detailed information about purchasing a piece of land of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at Azompur in Uttara, registration of the land and embezzlement of money taking loan. A total of eight cases including fraudulence and forgery have been filed against him.

In the press briefing, RAB law and media wing director Khandaker Al Moin said the land of that portion of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at Azompur of Uttara was acquired in 1948. Golam Faruk made fake record of that land in 2006. He bought the land for Tk 30,000 in his wife's name in 2010 and made another fake record. In the same year, Golam Faruk recorded the land in his name from his wife. He mainly forged in order to embezzle money after taking loan from the bank.

RAB official Khandaker Al Moin said after registering the land of highway in his name, he took a loan of Tk 150 million from a private bank by mortgaging the land.

The bank issued a notice for selling the land in auction in 2013 as the loan was not paid. But later, the bank found that the roads and highways department belongs to the land.