On the other hand, Rabiul gathered the zealots to attack the Hindu community after delivering instigative remarks in a loudspeaker of a local mosque.

The elite force came up with this disclosure in a press conference at its media center in the capital’s Karwan Bazar.

The director of legal and media wing of RAB headquarters commander Khandaker Al Moin said there was a personal conflict between two youths namely Poritosh Sarker and Uzzal in Borokarimpur of Pirganj.

Centering their quarrel, Uzzal hurled offensive remarks about the religion of Poritosh. Later Poritosh encountered with abusive words to the religion of Uzzal on Facebook messenger. Uzzal posted the Poritosh’s comment to the Facebook, which reposted by Saikat, the commander added.

Khandaker Al Moin claimed Saikat started posting provocative statuses to the social media since the incident of the Holy Quran desecration in a puja mandap in Cumilla.

He said, Saikat took the advantage of the conflict between Poritosh and Uzzal to destroy the communal harmony. However, RAB claimed that they didn’t find any specific information and documents proving Saikat’s affiliation to any political party.

During interrogation, Saikat said he is a student of a college in Rangpur. He might have introduced himself as a leader of Chhatra League, the commander confirmed.

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