As many as 47 new patients are undergoing treatment in hospitals in Dhaka while the remaining 21 cases have been reported from outside the division.

Some 279 patients diagnosed with dengue are receiving treatment in the country as of Friday.

Of them, 216 patients are receiving treatment at different hospitals in the capital while the remaining 63 were listed outside Dhaka.

Since January, some 27,604 patients have been admitted to different hospitals with dengue in the country. So far, 27,227 dengue patients have left hospitals after recovery, said DGHS.

Experts attribute the unusually high dengue cases during the dry season, mainly in Dhaka, to the prolonged rainy season, sporadic rainfall, and high humidity and temperature, Aedes mosquitoes' reproductive and behavioural changes caused by climate change and lack of people’s awareness and poor controlling measures by the two city corporations of the capital.

They also said the climate conditions of Bangladesh are becoming more favourable for the Aedes mosquitos to prevail in all seasons with high or low intensity mainly for the increase in temperature and breeding sources.

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