Masks sales used to buy meals for the needy

Distributing meals to the needy during the lockdown

Street children, workers and others of the low income bracket are struggling for survival during the lockdown. Students of Jagannath University in the capital city Dhaka have come forward to distribute meals among these deprived persons. They are using the funds generated from mask sales to provide meals to these suffering people.

The Bangladesh Chhatra Union, Jagannath University unit, started the project—Sramajibi Canteen—from 14 April, the first day of the lockdown. This food distribution programme will continue as long as the lockdown lasts.

Distributing meals to the needy during the lockdown

Members of the organisation have said that the canteen is being run on funds generated by the sale of masks. This increases people's awareness regarding the health and hygiene rules on one hand, and also helps in providing food to the needy. Meals, including sehri and iftar, are provided to the poor.

Over the past 10 days, meals have been distributed in areas near the Jagannath University campus – Old Dhaka’s Bahadur Shah Park, Lakshmi Bazar, Banglabazar, Patuatuli and Sadarghat. Every day meals are provided to around 50 to 70 persons.

President of the Jagannath University unit of Chhatra Union, KM Muttaki, said, “Our initiative is not any assistance to the deprived and the working people, it is our solidarity with them. The poor people and the workers are suffering due to an unplanned lockdown and administrative repression.”