MRT police unit approved for metro rail safety

The government has given its approval to form a dedicated Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) police unit creating new 231 posts to ensure the overall security and safety of metro rail service in the city.

The unit will comprise three cadre posts and 228 non-cadre posts while 15 vehicles were included in the table of organization and Equipment to support the MRT police in their duties, according to a notification signed by deputy secretary Noor-E-Mahabuba Joya of the Police-3 wing of the Public Security Division of the home ministry.

The MRT police unit will be led by a deputy inspector general (DIG) and will consist of total 231 personnel responsible for overseeing the safe operation and management of the metro service.

According to the notification, administrative posts for the central administration are: one DIG, one superintendent of police (SP), one inspector (unarmed), one inspector (armed), two unarmed sub-inspectors (SIs), two armed SIs, three unarmed assistant sub-inspectors (ASIs), four armed ASIs, five naiks, 10 constables, one computer operator, one accountant, one senior assistant and two office assistants cum computer numismatists.

Posts for MRT Line-6 are: one additional superintendent of police, six inspectors (unarmed), two SIs (unarmed), 34 ASIs (unarmed) and 153 constables - three for each of 17 stations in three shifts.

The vehicles included one jeep, four pickups and 10 motorcycles. 

With the approval of the 231 new posts in police, the total manpower of Bangladesh Police, including Inspector General of Police (IGP), stands at 213,230 as the total number was 212,999 until formation of the MRT police unit.

The country's first-ever metro rail (MRT Line-6) was partially launched from Uttara to Agargaon on 28 December last year.