Gazette on special incentive for govt employees, pensioners issued

The government on Tuesday issued a circular on the 5 per cent special incentive for employees in the civil service and pensioners.

The Finance Division of the finance ministry issued the gazette detailing the special incentive.

The gazette said persons in the civil service will receive at least Tk 1,000 and persons with retirement benefits will receive at least Tk 500.

This special incentive will be in effect from 1 July this year.

Civil servants who are currently on post retirement leave (PRL) will receive a special incentive of 5 per cent of their last basic pay. Besides, pensioners whose retirement benefits have been restored will receive a special incentive of 5 per cent of their net pension received on 1 July every year, but the amount will be no less than Tk 500.

Retired employees who withdrew their one-time gratuity submitting 100 per cent of their pension benefits will not receive the special incentive.

Civil servants who are appointed on contract on various grades will receive this special incentive as per their basic pay, but if the person holding a job on contract has retirement benefits, he/she will then get this special incentive on the basis of his/her net pension or the basic pay of their job, according to the gazette.

Civil servants who are on suspension will also get this special incentive, but they receive a 5 per cent incentive on the half of their last basic pay. Civil servants who are on leave without pay will not get this benefit.

The gazette said autonomous body and state-owned organisations, banks, insurance and financial institutions will provide this special incentive from their own budget.

Employees and pensioners of government and civil, autonomous state-owned organisations, banks, insurances, financial institutions, Border Guard Bangladesh and Police, who receive salary under the National Pay Scale, will receive this special incentive, according to the gazette.