Shakib, Hero Alam might be interrogated as part of probe: DB

Shakib Al Hasan and Hero Alam

Detective branch of police on Thursday said cricketer Shakib Al Hasan and YouTuber Hero Alam, who recently flew Dubai to inaugurate a gold jewellery shop owned by a fugitive in a case filed over killing a police official, might be interrogated as a part of the investigation.

Additional commissioner (detective) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Harun-or-Rashid disclosed this to the media.

Arav Khan owns the jewellery outlet Arav Jewellers in Dubai of United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, Arav's original name is Rabiul Islam, a resident of Kotalipara in Gopalganj, who fled the country after being accused on charges of killing an inspector of Special Branch (SB) unit of police, Mamun Emran Khan, in Dhaka four years ago.

Harun-or-Rashid said, "One of our brilliant police officers was murdered. And the killers later threw his body to the jungle so as to avoid detention. The DB submitted the charge sheet to the court in a case filed over the murder. Rabiul in the name of Arav Khan is a killer. It is regrettable that even after being informed of this matter, Sakib joined the inaugural ceremony of the jewellery outlet. As a part of the investigation, Sakib Al Hasan and Hero Alam might be quizzed."

The additional commissioner said the effort is underway to extradite Arav Khan to the country through Interpol. Arrest warrants in 12 cases were issued against him.  

When asked, Harun said, "We are collecting information to know whether Shakib Al Hasan is involved in the gold business in Dubai. We will scrutinise the issues."

The concerned police official said police officials said Rabiul fled to India after being accused of killing Imran Khan, inspector of police’s special branch (SB) in 2018. He got married there and managed an Indian passport using a fake identity. From there he went to Dubai. Now he is a renowned gold trader in the UAE.