Confirming the matter, Sujat Pal, head of CMCH's medicine department, said, “Patient Ferdousi Begum is from Patiya upazila. She has recently recovered from Covid-19. She has been undergoing treatment for mucormycosis (black fungus) at the hospital for the last 3-4 days.”

“Our suspicion came true after a biopsy report confirmed that the woman has black fungus," he added.

Ferdousi's family said she was tested positive for novel coronavirus infection on 3 July. After undergoing treatment for 10-12 days, she tested negative on 15 July. But she was admitted to CMCH again following post-Covid complications.

Ferdousi’s husband died of Covid-19 a few days back.

Chattogram civil surgeon Sheikh Fazle Rabbi said, “The black fungus patient will be referred to BIRDEM General Hospital in Dhaka soon.”

On 25 May, the first cases of black fungus in Bangladesh were detected in two Covid-recovered patients at BIRDEM General Hospital.

“The government will take necessary steps if there is a rise in the number of patients with black fungus in the country. Black fungus is not contagious," the civil surgeon said.

Black fungus, a rare infection, has a mortality rate of 50 per cent with some only saved by removing an eye. The fungus affects many areas of the body including the eyes, nose, face, and even the brain in severe cases.

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