On Sunday, students of cultural heritage and Bangladesh studies department appeared for a test on political science. Before the exam started, the department head and assistant proctor Farhana Yeasmin cut hair of 14 students using scissors. Two faculty members Rajib Adhikari and Jannatul Ferdous witnessed the incident, some students said.

According to Rabindra University sources, a test on history of Bangladesh course was scheduled to be held on Monday. Instead of sitting for the test, some aggrieved students, including the victims, gathered at the BSCIC bus stand area in Shahjadpur to wage a protest against the Sunday incident.

Shahjadpur Women’s College has been using as the Rabindra University’s temporary campus. When the agitating students were demonstrating in front of the campus gate, Farhana Yeasmin appeared there and verbally abused the protesters. She forced the students to sit for the test, saying they would not be promoted otherwise.

The aggrieved students alleged that few days ago the assistant proctor insulted some students for their long hair. Scared of Farhana, many students had their hair cut the next day.

On Sunday, Farhana--holding a pair of scissors--stood vigil at the exam hall entrance. Apparently she cut hair of students whose bangs she could grab in her fist. Such of the harassment made the victims depressed, students complained.

The incident went viral on social media.

Defending the allegation, Farhana Yeasmin said, “I’m in dark about the matter. I am not saying that such of the incident did not happen. A few days ago, some students came to my office and requested to delay the scheduled test. I did not agree with them. May be they are telling lie avenging me.”

She said students of other departments might spread rumors through Facebook. While clarifying the students’ remark on her that she is ill-tempered, Farhana said, “This is alright that I am an angry woman. But I do not abuse anyone verbally.”

Rabindra University vice-chancellor (on additional duty) professor Md Abdul Latif told Prothom Alo, “I have not received any written complaint from the students yet. Necessary steps will be taken if I get a written complaint.”