Hasan: Turning to foreigners with country's internal issues anti-state activities

Information and broadcasting minister Hasan MahmudFile photo

Hasan Mahmud, the information and broadcasting minister and joint general secretary of Awami League, expressed Sunday that the approach of BNP and Jamaat towards involving foreigners in the country's internal issues is equivalent to engaging in anti-state activities.

“BNP and Jamaat often go to foreigners with internal political issues. It means, they are undermining the people and their strength,” he said while addressing a discussion organised by Bangladesh Union Sadasya Sangstha (BUSS), an organisation of union parishad members at Jatiya Press Club (JPC)  in the capital.

JPC general secretary Shyamol Datta and BUSS secretary general M Saiful Islam Moazzem, among others, addressed the meeting with its president Golam Sarwar Milan in the chair.

Hasan said the politicians who believe in the power of people must go to them. But, BNP goes to foreigners in the day and night which is not suiting to country’s interests.

He said if there is any political disagreement, they can discuss it internally. But, BNP and their allies go to foreigners, he added.

The information minister said the politics of BNP and their allies are limited into four issues, and these issues are- Begum Khaldea Zia’s health, demand for repealing Tarique Zia’s punishment, poll-time caretaker government and formation of the Election Commission (EC) according to their demand.

About the role of EC in holding the elections, he said recent city corporations polls are glaring example of EC’s capacity to hold free, fair and acceptable election, it’s also example for sub-continent, he said.

Thirty five people were killed in Panchayat elections recently held in Indian State of West Bengal, he noted.

Such incidents didn’t happen in the country (Bangladesh), said Dr Hasan.

He said the last city corporation polls were a lesson for BNP as the party asked their activists and supporters to avoid the elections. But no one responded to their call and the people spontaneously took part in the polls, he said, adding the turnover was about more than 50 per cent in some polls.

He said BNP should take lessons from the polls as the countrymen would take part in the next polls.

Terming the UP members as grassroots level leaders, Hasan said the participation of people in the elections mostly depends on them.

The minister urged the UP members to go to the common people so that they come forward to exercise their franchise in a large scale in the next general election.

He also urged them to boycott the persons who are involved in anti-state activities.

BUSS president Milan said, “We want all political parties including BNP to take part in the next general elections. But, it is more important for the democracy whether the countrymen are taking part or not in polls,”