BDP has already applied to the EC for registration. There is an allegation that the leaders of Jamaat and their student body, Shibir, will lead the party.   

When asked about the matter, Rashida Sultana said BDP has applied for registration. There is an allegation that they (Jamaat) have applied under a  different name.

But the allegation needs to be proved. Everything, including the legal framework of BDP and those 93 parties applied for the registration, will be scrutinised. Their registrations will be approved after reviewing constitutions of respective parties, she added.     

She said, "Projonmo '71 submitted a memorandum to EC. It would not be fair to say in advance that Jamaat has applied for registration under a different name. At first the allegation will have to be proved and then we, the five commissioners, will take decision over the issue."    

Replying to a query, the election commissioner said the registration of Jamaat-e-Islami has been canceled at the directive of the court. So, they will not be allowed to participate in the election. If it is proved that they are seeking registration in the name of BDP, then the commission will make a decision.