Fardin's death: BUET students say DB evidence confirms it’s suicide

Deceased BUET student Fardin Noor Parash

A group of 3rd year students from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) said on Saturday that they do not have any doubt that their fellow Fardin Noor Porosh committed suicide, reports UNB.

They said Detective Branch (DB) of police showed them enough evidence that drew the conclusion that it was suicide.

The BUET students made the remarks at a media briefing on Saturday regarding Fardin's death.

The media briefing was originally scheduled for 15 December, but they delayed the event as DB police called them to see the evidence they got before going to talk to media.

The students said that the DB police showed them enough evidence that it can only be a suicide, although they could not prove Fardin's physical appearance on the video footage, which went viral over the social and news media recently.

All the documents and evidence were virtual, they said adding that the DB police traced Fardin's location that night and checked his conversation but found nothing doubtful.

They also said when they asked the detectives the reason for the suicide, they couldn't give them any particular reason.

The students said the detectives told them that Fardin was going through problems like financial crisis and depression, and they showed proof for those claims from Fardin's conversations.

They said after seeing the evidence, they did not find any more logical questions and clues to ask for as the detectives answered all the questions in the DB office.

The students said that based on the evidence of the DB police, the BUET students collectively reached the decision that it was a suicide, and they are not going to hold any rally or programme regarding Fardin's death.

They said they would stand by Fardin's family if they take any legal and logical step in this regard.