Patients happy to receive free treatment at medical camp

Patient receiving treatment at the campJewel Shill

Garment factory worker Jonaki Begum (34) had long been suffering from heartburn. Hearing about free medical facilities, she came to the Atura Depot area in Chattogram city. She consulted a physician at the camp there and was also provided with medicines too. She is pleased to get both treatment and medicines for free.

Like Jonaki, 500 persons received free treatment and medicines at the medical camp organised by Faraaz Hossain Foundation. The camp was set up at the Health View Maternity and Child Hospital in Atura Deport of Chattogram city.

The camp began on Friday morning and will continue till 2:00 in the afternoon. Leading pharmaceutical company of the country, Eskayef, is providing assistance to the initiative.

Patients are being given free medicines too
Jewel Shill

Four specialist physicians are taking part in this camp called 'Specialist medical treatment for humanity'. They are providing medical treatment in the areas of medicine, heart disease, obstetrics, dental, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, paediatrics and other fields.

The camp was inaugurated in the morning by the hospital's specialist physicians Wali Ullah Zaman, Romana Begum, Mohammad Shaheen, Faisal Ahmed and the hospital's deputy managing director Md Shahjahan Siraj.

Present on the occasion were Eskayef's deputy sales manager Md Kamrul Alam, Faraaz Hossain Foundation's representative and Eskayef's senior deputy manager Md Wahiduzzaman, field manager Md Ariful Islam and others.

Patients coming to the free medical camp
Jewel Shill

Speaking at the event, physician Wali Ullah said, Faraaz Hossain Foundation is carrying out truly laudable initiatives around the country. People are directly being benefitted by these initiatives. The foundation is providing free treatment and medicine. Many people cannot afford to consult physicians. This initiative is good news for them. Faraaz Hossain is the symbol of courage. He was a brave young man. The physician thanked Faraaz Hossain Foundation and Eskayef for arranging the medical camp.

Patients happy

Chemona Khatun lives in Shantinagar of the port city. She is near around 60 and has problems in walking. Her family cannot afford her medical treatment. Over the last few days this free treatment camp had been announced over mike in the Shantinagar area and so she turned up there on Friday morning.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Chemona Khatun said she had diabetes and as well as aches and pains. She was weak too, but could not afford to visit a specialist. She came to the camp or free treatment and medicines.

Shafiqul Islam (25) is a madrasah student in Muradpur of the city. He suffers from headaches and physical weakness. He was happy to have received free treatment and medicines.

He told Prothom Alo that such initiatives should be taken often. This benefits the general people directly as many people cannot otherwise afford such medical treatment.

Specialist physicians at the medical camp
Jewel Shill

Representative of Faraaz Hossain Foundation and Eskayef senior deputy manager Md Wahiduzzaman told Prothom Alo, the people were informed in advance over mike about this medical camp and so people had been streaming in since the morning. The patients were being provided with medicines in keeping with the physician's advice. Similar initiatives had been carried out in other parts of the country as well.

Deputy managing director of the hospital, Md Shahjahan Siraj, said that it was a pleasure to be part of this initiative of Faraaz Hossain Foundation. This was benefitting the people. Many were coming from far places to avail this opportunity. They were picking their medicines after receiving treatment. He said that the hospital would cooperate with such initiatives in the future too.