BNP MP Harunur Rashid on Sunday demanded for adopting a censure motion in parliament condemning French president Emmanuel Macron's remarks over Islam, reports UNB.

Taking the floor on a point of order, Harunur Rashid said French weekly magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' published a cartoon of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) on 30 October last, the birthday and death date of the prophet.

He said the France government should have faced the situation with patience, but it didn't do so. "Rather French president Emmanuel Macron himself added fuel to the fire and provoked the situation so immensely," he added.


As a result, the Muslims across the world protested it and are boycotting French products, he said.

The BNP MP said the country's devout Muslims also condemned and protested it.

"Since it has hurt the Muslims....Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. So, a censure motion should definitely be adopted in the parliament over it," he said.

Harun urged the leader of the house to bring a clear censure motion over the issue.

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