The minister hoped that a Bill will be placed in the next session of parliament likely to be held in September with necessary amendment to the existing Evidence Act.

According to the Section 155 (4) of the Evidence Act, 1872 which provides that when a man is prosecuted for rape, it may be shown that the complainant was of immoral character, therefore raising the question of the victim’s character as a justification of rape.

This has been criticised heavily for not upholding equality and special protection for women as guaranteed by the Constitution of Bangladesh itself.

Allegations of rape are usually filed under the Women and Child Repression Prevention Act.

In November last, the government amended the Women and Child Repression Prevention Act.

The word ‘raped’ was replaced by the word ‘rape victim’ through the amendment. In addition, the provision of maximum punishment for the crime of rape was included in the law.

The law minister also said the use of digital and information technology will be added to the Evidence Act.

He said a process is underway to update the Evidence Act.

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