BNP secretary general further said, “The police and Awami League leaders are trying to establish that the deceased was not a member of Jubo Dal. He worked at a welding factory. Even if he was not a Jubo Dal activist, does the government or the police have the right to kill a man for no reason?

Mirza Fakhrul also showed a news report on the clash in Narayanganj published in a national daily. He showed the photo of SI Mahfuzur Rahman from the report and said, “We demand from this programme that this photo must be investigated and the SI should be brought to book for opening fire from a point blank range.”

BNP secretary general warned the government and said, “If he is not punished, we will not sit idle and we have not been so. We have filed a case in Bhola and will do so in Narayanganj too. Every time you break the law, every time you torcher our brothers, we will file a case. If you think what a case will do as you are in power, you are wrong.”

Without mentioning the name of IGP (inspector general of police) Benazir Ahmed, Mirza Fakhrul further said, “Your (police) chief went to America under several conditions. He has been asked not to visit anywhere other than some specific places, which is a shame for us. What a shame for a free-sovereign country that today the police chief has to go abroad on a conditional visa. None of those, who have tortured, oppressed or violated human rights, will be spared. No one can save them.”

Mirza Fakhrul also accused the government of lying about the visit of the high commissioner of the United Nations Human Rights Commission to Dhaka.

He said, “Before going back, she held a press conference upon speaking to the victims, newspersons, civil society and the four ministers here. She made it clear that human rights are being violated in Bangladesh, incidents such as enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings and killing in police custody are taking place. She said if this human rights violation could not be properly investigated, then they would have to take the responsibility one day or the other.”

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